• pamknapp

July's guest poet - Alinah Azadeh, presents micro and macrocosms to a spellbound audience

Alinah Azadeh, our guest poet, presented a beautifully crafted prose piece for us on Weds, 13th July. Spanning constellations, etymology, the stunning landscape of the Downs, its fauna and flora, and not least, family, Alinah's prose flowed like liquid amber.

From one glorious link to another, Alinah took our audience on an epic journey; scene to scene, image to image, uniting seemingly disparate ideas into the most glorious whole.

We were very much wowed and wooed with Alinah's masterful imagery and melifluous story telling tone. It was indeed, a wonderful evening for all.

Alinah is the inaugural writer in residence at Seven Sisters Country Park and the Sussex Heritage Coast. Her work includes live performances like ours tonight, as well as work with textile, scultpure, digital, audio and print. 'Safe and intimate spaces for the exchange of human story'.

Find Alinah's work here: https://www.alinahazadeh.com/